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Lázaro Internacional, S.A. appointed Terror representative in Portugal

Last November, SANTONI completed the acquisition of TERROT, including the renowned Pilotelli brand.

The acquisition makes Santoni the world’s leading producer of circular knitting machines and firmly cements Santoni’s position as an industry-leading manufacturer with unrivaled scale, depth of innovation and expertise.

By incorporating Terrot’s offering, especially in the double jersey and jacquard sector, Santoni hopes to gain a competitive advantage by offering high-efficiency machines known for their superior performance, low maintenance and cost-effectiveness.

Terrot GmbH has been a premium supplier to the textile industry for more than 160 years. It produces efficient, durable and particularly versatile circular machines, focused on high-quality products and services. The range of products ranges from the best single and double models; from circular knitting machines to highly developed electronic double jacquard machines to produce fabrics for the sports, leisure and fashion industries, mattress covers, home and technical textiles, including the medical and automotive sectors.

We are pleased to announce that Lázaro Internacional, S.A. has been appointed representative of Terrot in Portugal, remaining at your disposal to guarantee professional customer service, the maintenance of existing machines, the supply of spare parts and the commissioning of new machines.

As always, our technical and commercial team is at your disposal to provide you with further information and answer your questions.


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