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More than 50 years of service
of the textile industry

Vitex – Lázaro Internacional S.A. – Spain

Our companies in Spain and Portugal are dedicated to the sale and distribution of new and used textile machinery for knitting, and all its auxiliary machines, as well as yarns, through our group member company LEFERON.

Currently, we are representatives in Spain and Portugal of the Lonati, Santoni, Dinema, Tek-Ind, Mageba, Conti Complett, Quanzhou Jingmei, Cetme, Irmac, Tecnopea and Aura Groups.

We sell used, reconditioned machines worldwide, all over the world, and we have a strong technical service, spare parts and design that ensure the good maintenance of the machines.


We are a company in constant growth


We are always at your disposal to provide you with all possible services and information so that the equipment has the highest performance for your company.

What we offer

Constant technological innovation and a policy aimed at meeting customer needs, make Vitex a leading company in the sector of machines for the textile industry.

Technical advice

We offer technical advice for projects to start up production lines and / or plants, with assembly and transformation of machinery for said projects.


We are able to provide technical / IT / Electronic training to clients who request it, by prior agreement. (ask for information about the conditions)

After sales

After-sales technical service is offered to all our clients.

Tissue Testing

We offer the possibility to deliver the tested machines with your article so that it can be started to produce in your factory as soon as possible.

Production studies

We provide all the information related to the production of the machines we offer.

Machinery Installation

We have specialized personnel to start up the machines we offer. (ask for information about the conditions)

Spare parts

We have a spare parts department that guarantees the supply of supplies for all our machinery.

Product Creation and Development

We help our clients in the development of new articles.

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